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I'm on a mission to demystify the Tarot and normalize it as a tool for personal growth and development   ~ Michele Bourdo


Jan 5, 2023

Happy 2023! Have you made your resolutions?  In this episode I share a personal spread I designed to help us transition to the new year. We reflect on 2022 and look at who we want to be in the upcoming year.  AND I do a tarot mini-reading for each sign of the zodiac. 

Introspection Reading for 2023

Reflection on last year

1. Of all the lessons I learned, which one do I most need to carry forward into the new year?

2. Of all the wisdom I gained in the last year, what most needs to be carried forward into the new year?

3. How should I use this new wisdom to inform this reading?

Looking Forward

4. How do I want my personal life to look in 2023 OR How is my personal life likely to look?

5. How do I want my vocational/career life to look? OR What will my vocational/career life loook like?

6. How do I want my spiritual life to look? OR What will my spiritual life loook like?

7. How do I want to use my creativity? OR What will my what will be around me creatively this year? 

Making Sense

8. In what way(s) is growth available to me this year?

9. What can I do to facilitate moving in this direction?

10. What challenges do I need to look out for?

11. What card can I call on for guidance?

About Moxxie

Moxxie Tarot is a resource for new Tarot readers, aspiring Tarot readers, the ‘Tarot Curious’ and those interested in exploring the Tarot from both the personal growth and divinatory perspectives. 

An entire curriculum awaits you.  We work our way through each card in the Rider Waite deck, do sample readings, discuss creating your own readings, and so much more.

Where to Find Me


In 2014 I was wrapped over the head with a psychic 2x4. At the time, I was working through my mother’s sudden and untimely death and questioning everything. 

I was dusting when I heard as clear as day, “its time to get back into the tarot.” After fifteen year break it was time to dig out my cards and see what developed. 

I dug my cards out of their storage bin and started playing with them - seeing what I remembered of the card meanings and reading in general. 

Slowly, I began to use the Tarot to work through the death of my mother, focusing on clarifying my thoughts and feelings, coming to terms with them, and generally addressing what I needed to address to heal. That was the beginning of Moxxie Tarot. I re-framed how and why I was using the tarot from a focus on predictions and divination to a focus on using the Tarot for personal healing, growth, and development. 

In this podcast I share my Tarot knowledge with you in hopes you’ll find it helpful on your own journey.