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I'm on a mission to demystify the Tarot and normalize it as a tool for personal growth and development   ~ Michele Bourdo


Feb 21, 2023

If you want to know more about the similarities and differences between the Two of Cups and The Lovers cards you're in the right place. Some card pairs are confusing! This is the first episode of a new series where I'll be talking about cards that often seem like they have the same meaning - at least on the surface. We'll dig into the differences between the Death card and the Ten of Swords, the Two of Swords and the Eight of Swords. 

We'll also talk a bit about a question I keep hearing - "How often can / should I do a tarot reading about a certain topic?"

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Moxxie is a welcoming, supportive, inclusive coaching community - a place for folks experiencing a life transition to explore new possibilities and receive support in envisioning and creating their own futures.

Tarot is so much more than the stereotypes we see in the movies. Join me as I work to demystify the tarot and bring it to the forefront as a tool for personal growth. The Moxxie Tarot podcast is about ALL things tarot - from traditional divination to personal growth. I realistically addresses the strengths and weaknesses of all approaches to the tarot and share them with you so you can develop your own personal, creative, supportive tarot practice.

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I love doing ‘teaching readings’ or case studies. If you have a question you’d like to ask or a situation you’d like to address using the tarot, email me your question here.  If your question is chosen, you’ll receive a free reading that will be shared on the air for others to learn from. All personal information is kept strictly confidential. 

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