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I'm on a mission to demystify the Tarot and normalize it as a tool for personal growth and development   ~ Michele Bourdo


May 9, 2023

Big life decisions can be paralyzing. I've been struggling with a few over the last six months or so and made little to no progress. This episode was recorded on the road just south of Moab, Utah in one of the most beautiful places I've had the priviledge of spending a few days. 

In addition to the fact that it had been...

May 2, 2023

Join me for the monthly tarot-scope reading for each sign of the zodiac.  There are some good things in the works this month for quite a few of you :D

Time Stamps

  • Taurus - 1:58
  • Gemini - 13:42
  • Cancer - 24:26
  • Leo - 33:08
  • Virgo - 38:29
  • Libra - 43:20
  • Scorpio - 52:19
  • Sagittarius - 58:00
  • Capricorn - 1:05
  • Aquarius -...