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I'm on a mission to demystify the Tarot and normalize it as a tool for personal growth and development   ~ Michele Bourdo


Sep 20, 2022

Imagine how self aware you'd be if you had started using the tarot as a tot! In this episode I discuss some of the advantages of teaching kids the tarot, and provide some practical tips for doing so. 

Tarot Decks Appropriate for Kids

  • Tarot for Kids
  • Cat Tarot
  • Happy Tarot
  • Witchling Academy Tarot

Moxxie is a welcoming,...

Sep 6, 2022

Tarot reading may seem like a science, but it's more of an art. In this episode I discuss the insight I had into my readings that made all the difference in basic, perfunctory, readings and readings that provided real insight. 

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